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Monthly Meetings & Networking

Our meetings are both in-person 

and virtual

 through Facebook live and YouTube Channel



Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy

5535 Albemarle Road

Charlotte, NC 28212

8:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. 

The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate free and open communication, work to fill any gaps in services provided to the community, disseminate events concerning the Latino community, share information, extend our resources, and create cooperative efforts between agencies.

The meetings are open to the public and are conducted in English.

Coffee and light breakfast items are provided at the in-person meetings. 


  • Facebook
  • YouTube

(click the pencil to download the application)


Please make sure you completed the membership application to update the contact information for your organization. 



P.O. BOX 36722 

Charlotte, NC 28236

Pay Your Membership Online


  • Bonding Level: $50.00 / year – any registered non-profit, or for-profit company. 

       Benefit: Access to the Belmont Center for up to 3 community events (workshop, seminar,                               symposium, training) per year, and up to 3 organizational members can receive and                         distribute event or organizational news through the ENLACE Resource Hub                                         (previously called the Google Group)

  • Bridging Level: $35.00 / year – any registered non-profit or for-profit company. 

       Benefit:  Up to 3 organizational members can receive and distribute event or organizational                            news through the ENLACE Resource Hub (previously called the Google Group)

  • Linking Level: $20.00 / year – any individual community leader, church leader or person                                     wanting to build Social Capital within the Latinx community

       Benefit:  Receives information distributed within the ENLACE Resource Hub.

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